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Soap Equipment Supplier

I had to share this as they are quite simply superb. The range and the service is second to none and we have used them time and time again at Sabai Soaps. They cater for every size of soap manufacturing client out there. Equipment that can take production from one bar to several thousands of bars – they really do have it all. Their expanding range has everything from making bars of soap to bath bombs. Additionally they offer a bespoke design service to ensure your operation is as efficient as possible. Our handmade soap operation has been made super-efficient with the thanks of Soap Equipment’s design and support.

Soap Manufacturing Perfected

Soap cutters, oil/wax melting tanks, bath bomb presses, soap moulds, storage tanks for caustics, tools and accessories, pumps, electrics and manual, shrink wrap systems, bottle fillers and labellers, pot tippers and mixing pots, drying trays and racks, lip balm and tube trays, scales. Additional equipment including soap making software, books, dry materials dispensing, soap stamping, soap shapers and equipment for stirring, mixing and blending. As you can probably tell, absolutely all bases are covered.