Must-Have Equipment for Wedding Photography: You Need But Don’t Have

Shooting a wedding is a huge responsibility. It’s either you get an applause or get cursed! You may have the fanciest camera and the skills to cover a wedding ceremony but it does not end there. If you want to achieve sharp, well-composed, and emotion drawn images then don’t let talents work alone. You need the right pieces of equipment!

We are determined to give every love story a much happy ending photos. So we never settled for inadequate gears that will just result to only imperfect and unmodified images. As experienced photographers, we have run down the perfect pieces of equipment that worked for us be it for covering a simple wedding or an extravagant one.

Full frame camera that reigns

It doesn’t matter if you are pro-Canon or pro-Nikon, as long as you have two full frame cameras with you. Still depends on your budget but you can already purchase high-quality cameras like Canon EOS 5D or Nikon D750 at a most reasonable price. These kinds of camera bodies are mostly used by professionals when covering intimate gatherings such as weddings. Both have incredible focusing system, just be sure to partner it with the right lens. You also gotta earn at least a level of intermediate skills in photography to achieve that suffice photos your client would love.

Make sure to also bring a backup camera with you every single time. Having one camera body is okay as long as you are geared with two to three lenses. If you are renting your backup camera, don’t forget to practice shoot with it first. Regardless with the familiarity of its usage, you still have to feel like it was made for you.

Lenses that transcends

You will be needing at least two type of lens, one for close-ups and one for wide-shots. Here are the prime lenses you surely must have to capture not only good but great quality images.

Wide angle aperture – Perhaps one good example is the 24-70mm f/2.8 which are mostly people coined the “Wedding lens”. It has the capacity to cover the entire wedding ceremony until the after-party. Flexible is its second name, it can cover detailed shots such as groom and bride in the altar. Be very creatively experimental because of its bokeh effect you can count on.

Wide-angle zooms – Any normal weddings are intended to have group photos and the best lens for that is the 24-70mm f/2.8 or 35mm Prime lens. Best use upon group shots with all the bride and groom’s congregation portrait shots and bride’s grand arrival. You can especially use the latter lens in capturing interactions, preparations, and items pictorial such as accessories, shoes, and gifts.

You have plenty of choices with finding the right lens. To be fully prepared, we recommend to scout the wedding location first and figure out what kind of lens suits the location. Remember that lens to use also matters if it’s daylight or nighttime and if it will be held indoors or in an enclosed area.

Lighting that’s not frightening

First and foremost, research first where the wedding would take place. You can bring all your flash units and realize you won’t need it all. To save the weight of your luggage here are the lightning equipment you at least should have.

We highly recommend Nikon SB-5000 AF Speedlight and Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT both have a multi-flash application you can work with. Monolights and LEDs are mostly used to light up the dance floor and to cover formal portrait shoots. LEDs can wow your clients simply by techniques that can make every photo spectacular and very impressive. Experiment between adding or subtracting the light until you achieve that perfect shot.

There’s so much to elaborate for wedding photography equipment and being the wedding photographer but it all boils down with what you have in hand and saving your precious time. At David Dean Photography, you don’t have to worry about it. We are armed with photography equipment meant to be part of someone’s special day.

The Importance of Uniforms

When you are in a working environment, you will usually have some kind of uniform. Now, the uniform is an essential part of the company and the business, even if not everyone fully appreciates the value of it. To try and remedy this, we’ve put together a few reasons why uniforms are necessary.

It helps with the image of the company

One of the main reasons that uniforms are important is that it contributes to maintaining the image of the enterprise. The majority of businesses and organisations all have a public image to maintain, and this is particularly the case of service industries. The uniform, therefore, helps to promote an image of being united and ready to assist you wherever possible, which in turn makes the company seem much more professional and respectable.

It promotes a sense of belonging and equality

One of the things that the uniform does help to do is to foster a sense of belonging among the workers. This is because everyone is wearing the same uniform and thus begin to look and act as part of a family. In much the same way, a uniform helps to break down the barriers between people. Race, class or wealth don’t mean anything when everyone is in the same uniform, and this can be very difficult to establish sometimes without it, so uniform is good at promoting a kinship among your workers.

The uniform can sometimes be a desired thing

In some instances, wearing the uniform is something which is earned and not given freely, and this is a big thing for people. To be able to wear the work uniforms evokes a sense of pride and responsibility, which may well spur people on to give more effort and to be as efficient as possible. As well as this, there’s no need for them to wear different shirts and ties each day, instead of allowing for an easy work uniform which can be worn every day without complaint or thought, which is easier for people who lead busy lives and maybe do not have time to make those kinds of decisions. After work hours, you should always encourage staff to take uniforms off too, instead wear non-uniform clothing or something more special like from Dynasty.London.

Overall, the importance of uniform within a workplace is very high. The uniform is a symbol of the company, and thus you’re always going to look like a respectable professional among the community, which is the image that a lot of companies want to maintain as much as they can. As well as this, you’re also helping to break down the barriers between your employees, and helping them to feel less like workers and more like an efficient group of friends or even a family. This sense of kinship and harmony will come back at a later stage, as people will continue to become more and more efficient. If you’re a public facing company, or one that wants to show that people can come together and work together, then a uniform is a good way to accomplish this, as there are many benefits to be gained from a uniform.

Soap Equipment Supplier

I had to share this as they are quite simply superb. The range and the service is second to none and we have used them time and time again at Sabai Soaps. They cater for every size of soap manufacturing client out there. Equipment that can take production from one bar to several thousands of bars – they really do have it all. Their expanding range has everything from making bars of soap to bath bombs. Additionally they offer a bespoke design service to ensure your operation is as efficient as possible. Our handmade soap operation has been made super-efficient with the thanks of Soap Equipment’s design and support.

Soap Manufacturing Perfected

Soap cutters, oil/wax melting tanks, bath bomb presses, soap moulds, storage tanks for caustics, tools and accessories, pumps, electrics and manual, shrink wrap systems, bottle fillers and labellers, pot tippers and mixing pots, drying trays and racks, lip balm and tube trays, scales. Additional equipment including soap making software, books, dry materials dispensing, soap stamping, soap shapers and equipment for stirring, mixing and blending. As you can probably tell, absolutely all bases are covered.